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      • Le 06/01/2016

          • Last Monday, Joel Hillion came to our high school. He is a former English teacher.Now, he is retired. He took advantage of being retired to translate 154 sonnets by Shakespeare. He told us about Shakespeare's life and it was very interesting because we learnt a lot about Shakespeare. I think Joel's passion for Shakespeare is impressive. He wrote a book about Shakespeare's sonnets in French. Then, he read several sonnets he had selected to us. Some were accompanied by music. I found it really interesting.Joel is really passionate. It could be heard in the tone of his voice. Towards the end, five students in the class said sonnet 18 in English. To me, this activity was very rewarding. (Christine)


            Joël Hillion is a specialist in Shakespeare's sonnets. He translated these sonnets into French.

            On December 14th 2015, he came to our High School for two hours in the afternoon.

            First he told us about Shakespeare's life. He also said to us it was very complicated to translate because the sonnets are written in old English and the language has changed. It was difficult too for many other reasons.

            Then he read some sonnets to us with a particular tone. Some were accompanied by music. At the end of each sonnet, he told us what it meant and what the main idea was. For example sonnet 15 deals with loneliness and  sonnet 57 with jealousy.

            Finally, five students in the class said sonnet 18  which had been learnt before in our English class in front of all the class.

            I particularly remember when Joël Hillion read some sonnets with some music. At that moment, I realized that the expressive reading of a poem could arouse a lot of emotions.

            What struck me the most was when he told us that Shakespeare's sonnets had not been published by the author himself. So they were known thanks to his friend who had stolen them.

            I finally found this meeting very revealing and I learnt a lot about the life of this great playwright William Shakespeare. It was also very interesting. (Imane)


            Last Monday, we met Joël Hillion, who translated Shakespeare’s sonnets into French. He told us about the life of Shakespeare and he said that sonnets were so personal that they were not supposed be published. He said that sonnets were as “selfies of Shakespeare”. After, he read many sonnets to us and some of us said sonnets we had learnt in class. I particularly remember when he said there were only three characters in his sonnets - his mistress, W.H. who was a very beautiful young boy whose real name we don’t know, and himself. I think it was a very interesting meeting and we learnt many things about the sonnets and about Shakespeare. (Victoire)

            On Monday  December 14th 2015, we were with an expert in Shakespeare, Joel Hillion. He was an English teache. So, he translated the hundred and fifty-four sonnets by Shakespeare. It was very long.Consequently, he did not have the time to translate them when he was ateacher. Now, he is retired and he has more time to work on them.

            For one hour, he read about thirty sonnets to the class. He also presented Shakespeare's life  when he was a little boy and when he wasn't famous.

            Joel Hillion came for two hours, and he was very interesting. I particulary remember when he read the poems which we had learnt.

            At the end, pupils in the class said poem 18 in English. We had a very good time ! (Antoine)



            On Monday, December 14th, we met Joël Hillion. He is a retired English teacherwhoisfond ofShakespeare’swork, especiallyhis sonnets. Whilestill a teacher, hestarted to translate theminto French. But afterhis retirement, heworked full time on the project. It tookhimnineyears to translate 154 sonnets by Shakespeare and hepublishedhiswork in a book. Duringour meeting, wetalked about Shakespeare's life and thenheread us some sonnets. I particularyremember the moment hetold us the story about Shakespeare. It wasveryinteresting and itallowed us to understandhisworks. Whatstruck me the mostisthatwe do not know much about him. There are moments in his life whichremainunknown, evenhis exact birth date is not reallyknown.



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