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      • Le 01/06/2014
      • "I knew all would finish well" : regard sur le film MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING


            Le point de vue de la classe de Séverine Guyot sur le film de Joss Whedon


            Joss Whedon did his first adaptation of a play by Shakespeare in 2012. For a first try it is a great success. The settings are beautiful and he blends the modern atmosphere with the Shakespearean language very well. It deals with a love story between two young people but a bad guy wants to prevent them from marrying. The actors manage to express the characters’emotions very well. I enjoyed the film and I think it is the best adaptation I have ever seen. You all should go and see it. (Andrea)


            I find the movie very funny especially the misunderstanding between Beatrice and Benedick, or the scenes with the police officers. All the actors play very well but Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof are the ones who best handle the Shakespearean language. (Hugo)

            The film director, Joss Whedon, decided to put on some music which is great and highlights the atmosphere, sadness or enjoyment. The scenario is brilliant, although I find it is predictable because even if  many problems arise in the house, I knew all would finish well.
            To my mind, this film is great. At times, some scenes are boring and others funny. I recommend this movie to everybody because it’s a success. (Desire Charles)

            This film is a successful adaptation. There is no special effect. We can see a shadow play when Don Juan tries to endanger Hero or Claudio. This role is beautifully acted by Sean Maher who completely turns himself into the evil character.The director plays with the camcorder and not with special effects. We feel transported into the film. This film is accessible to everybody and easily understandable. (Abirami)